Portrait Gian Luigi Gessa

Gian Luigi Gessa

Dr. Gian Luigi Gessa has been the scientific director of several research groups working in the fields of neurosciences, pharmacology, depression, alcoholism and drug addiction at the Department of Neurosciences, University of Cagliari and at the Institute of Neuroscience of CNR (National Research Council), Cagliari. His most recent findings led to the identification of new drugs for the treatment of alcoholism and obesity.

Prof. Gessa has published more than 630 papers on prestigious scientific international journals and several scientific books, some of which have been adopted by many academic courses.

Under his direction, the Department of Neurosciences of the University of Cagliari was ranked n. 23 in 1993 in a world chart of the most productive and prestigious research institutes in the field of Pharmacology (Xenobiotics, Current Contents, Life Sciences, 1993).

In 2000, the Cagliari Section of the Institute of Neuroscience of CNR (National Research Council) was evaluated as one of the most productive in the field of Neuroscience (Nature Medicine, 2000).

He is the founder and first President of the Italian Society of Biological Psychiatry (SIPB), of the Italian Society for Neuroscience (SINS) and of the Italian Society for Drug Addiction (SITD). Dr. Gessa is an honorary member of the Italian Society of Alcohology (SIA) and Past President of the Italian Society of Pharmacology (SIF). He is the founder and Chief Editor of the Italian Journal of Addictions. Past Chief Editor of the following journals: 'Alcoholism - Clinical and Experimental Research' and "Alcohol and Alcoholism".

Dr. Gessa is a member of the "2003 Group for Scientific Research", composed by the Italian Scientists working in Italy and appearing in the lists of the most cited researchers in the world's scientific literature, as indicated by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) in Philadelphia (PA), USA.

In 2006 he was appointed Grand Official of the Italian Republic.

In 2008 Prof. Gessa has been ranked by Harzing among the top 5 Italian scientist most quoted across different fields of science.

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