Portrait Richard Jope

Richard S. Jope

Dr. Jope is Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurobiology, Cell Biology, and Pharmacology at the University of Alabama (UAB) in Birmingham, AL. He is furthermore a Senior Scientist with the UAB Alzheimer's Disease Research Center and the UAB Center for Glial Biology in Medicine. Dr. Jope received a B.S. in chemistry (1970) and an M.S. in biochemistry (1972) from California State University at Long Beach. He received his Ph.D in biological chemistry from UCLA in 1975.

His laboratory is interested in the neurochemical basis of behavior, how agents that affect gene expression and neuronal survival (especially apoptosis, or programmed cell death) alter mood and cognition.

His recent studies focus on the roles of signal transduction systems that are associated with abnormal neural plasticity and programmed cell death. This research involves studies in cultured cell model systems, postmortem human brain, and mouse brain. Neurochemical methods are emphasized, including multiple measurements of apoptotic events, molecular biology techniques, such as vector construction and transfection, receptor-linked second messenger production, protein phosphorylation, gene expression, and behavioral methods.

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